By Nancy Anderson
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These science backed fasting and carb cycling methods 
will allow you fast, simple & sustainable 
results you have been looking for. 
This is the FIRST program of it's kind combining top science backed protocols 
in one easy, organized, affordable & fool proof plan. 
What is the 21 Day Fasting Challenge?

This 21 Day Program will teach you how use optimal TRE (time restricted eating) fasting protocols plus high and low carb cycling and specific macro placement & combinations while learning how to modify it based on your body & goals. 

You won't just learn how to implement all of these protocols you're going to learn the WHY, with the research explained and cited; giving you the tools to continue after the 21 days into a long term lifestyle program, if you choose. 
✅Health and fast fat loss —without having to starve yourself nor sacrifice your workout performance.

✅Time Restricted Eating Fasting Protocols broken down! Specific tools of how to fast optimally for effective weight loss and overall health gains—and greater confidence in using fasting as a tool in your healthy lifestyle toolbox. 

✅A newfound knowledge of how food affects you with every single study explained and linked for your understanding and long term implementation. 

✅ Learn when to eat your carbs, protein and fats throughout your day based on your goals in order to maximize your results.

✅Our unique reverse + high/low carb cycling protocols teaching you how much and how often to eat your carbs on alternating high and low carb science based protocols to get you the best results, quickly.

✅Increased energy, better skin & better sleep

✅Recipes! Over 40+ recipes for you to use during the plan and beyond! They are quick, easy, delish and are customized to follow this plans protocols. 

✅Unlimited coaching: You'll get access to our private Facebook Group for community support (access for LIFE!), as well as check-in Q&A videos and unlimited coaching from us through your 21 days!

✅Accountability: From us and through the community, you'll have a huge team of people helping keep you accountable and on-track with cash prizes to sweeten the pot!  
Real people, getting real results. Here's what Nancy's current clients are saying...
"Works like magic!! I felt full yet was losing and feeling so much better almost straight away. Nancy is always there to answer questions and cheer on everyone. "
"I decided to give the program a try, and I'm so glad I did! I'm absolutely amazed at the results I saw. I lost a total of 6.5 inches and went from a size 8 to a loose size 6. Since finishing, people keep asking me what my secret is to losing the baby weight, and I tell them it's no secret, it's Nancy Anderson!"

NOPE. It's not. The nutrition & fitness industry love throwing fancy acronyms around. Two acronyms you may see a lot recently are IF (intermittent fasting) and TRE (time-restricted eating).

Intermittent fasting is really a very general and unmeasurable term. 😬 I mean technically speaking, you're intermittently fasting every time you're in-between meals—even if you just ate two hours ago! No matter what time or for how long you're fasting it counts as "IF". This is where time-restricted eating shines. TRE asks you to consume all your calories within a specific window of time, say, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Outside of those hours (5:01 p.m. to 9:59 a.m. in this example) you're only drinking water. So, you're fasting intermittently on TRE, but you're doing it in a specific and measurable way.

This isn't the only reason I champion TRE over "IF." TRE also asks you to consider the time of day you're eating. This is hugely important, because the food you eat affects your body a LOT differently if it's consumed in the morning versus late at night. Especially for my customer: women and Mom's.  We need and want to promote optimal hormones which TRE protocols allows us to do using your body's natural circadian clock to your advantage.  

Now just think if you paired a specific fasting protocol, with specific macros, a very specific carb cycle, while implementing other KEY ingredients and micronutrients as well and a few other secrets thrown in— and it was all explained in detail to you with the research linked. That is what my 21 Day Fasting Challenge is all about. 


The New 21 Day Fasting Challenge 90+ Page Digital Guide.

✅Every meal, snack laid out for you for 21 days.

✅ Grocery lists for every week of your plan.

✅Meal prep check lists, daily checklists to easy implementation. 

✅Easy and quick recipes laid out in an organized fool proof way. 

✅Coaching with Nancy and Community (Full Year of Access) 

✅Free Trial to Treadthrill or Move Your Bump Fitness (over 250 workouts!) 

"I love Nancy’s programs so much! I feel like I have learned so much about nutrition and have learned that eating clean can really benefit not only your outer appearance but your overall health. I have never felt so good!"
"Nancy is amazing! Her coaching and day by day, meal by meal plan is perfect for those who want to lose weight and learn the foundation for how to eat a balanced diet for the rest of your life."
Your world (and results!) are about to be rocked:

Never before have we (or anyone!) combined the most effective science backed nutritional protocols and put them into an easy, organized, delicious 21 day meal plan, with coaching to walk you through step by step! 

Nutrition IS in fact complicated but that's why I'm breaking it down for you and teaching you all my tricks and tips in the simplest way possible in this program.  I want to give you the fish during this program, while teaching you how to fish during this program, so that you can have long term, ever lasting results with all the education you need to do so when we wrap coaching. 


✔️TRE Fasting Protocols

✔️High and Low Carb Cycling

✔️Elimination Master Menu Protocols 

✔️Strategic Macro Nutrient Placement for Fat Loss

✔️Strategic Micro Nutrient Placement for Fat Loss & Health

Weekly meal calendars, grocery lists and daily checklists!
 Every recipe mapped out for you! Every dinner is less than 30 minutes or less and made simple!
Research cited and explained in an easy way for every single protocol we are using in this plan! 
Do's & Don'ts, result tracking tips, plus a free month of workouts to supercharge your results!
"I love Nancy’s programs so much! I feel like I have learned so much about nutrition and have learned that eating clean can really benefit not only your outer appearance but your overall health. I have never felt so good!"
"Nancy is amazing! Her coaching and day by day, meal by meal plan is perfect for those who want to lose weight and learn the foundation for how to eat a balanced diet for the rest of your life."
Plus, when you join 21 Day TRE Fasting Challenge you also get...
on demand
When you purchase the 21 Day Fasting Challenge digital plan - it is yours FOR LIFE! You'll receive your digital plan to download and access and will be yours forever. If we ever update the plan or add new recipes, you will always get an updated plan for life free of charge! 
community coaching
You'll gain exclusive access to our  private coaching community where I and a team of experts are there to coach the entire length of the community challenge! We are here to support you, guide you, motivate you and support you during this program! 
When you purchase the 21 Day TRE Fasting program you will automatically get into our community for coaching where we offer everyone the opportunity to enter to win cash prizes to keep clients motivated and on track for their results and some bonus cash to sweeten the deal!
Are you ready to get into summer on the 
fittest, leanest & healthiest foot possible? 
Nancy has coached thousands of clients through her science backed 
nutrition programs.  Here are some more examples of what they have 
to say about working with Nancy and using her protocols.     
"I thought this program would be really complicated with my busy schedule, but it actually simplified my life quite a bit. I was always prepared for my next meal and felt in control."
"I feel like I'm in good hands with my nutrition for the first time ever and I've tried A LOT of varying plans and diets. There's no other like Nancy!"
Frequently Asked Questions:  
Is this program breastfeeding friendly?  This plan given the carb cycling and fasting protocols is not breastfeeding friendly.  Although my 30 Day Slim Down is which you can find here. 

I'm picky! Will I like these foods? This plan gives you the option to swap ingredients out with other options from the master menu if you don't like/can't eat something. There are no "weird" foods. It's all things you'd find in your local grocery store. 

Can I do this plan if I am trying to get pregnant?  You can!  This plan is all real whole foods and is no risk to those trying to conceive. If any concerns, feel free to speak with your doctor. 

Isn't fasting bad for your hormones? Actually the contrary! These fasting protocols can help enhance your hormone function to facilitate and assist with weight loss. It can also assist with lowering insulin levels, while promoting higher growth hormone levels and increasing amounts of norepinephrine. All good things! 

Is this plan vegan friendly?  No. This is not a plan that can be easily tweaked for strict vegans.

Does this plan require a lot of prep and complex recipes? This plan includes simple recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less. We provide meal prep sheets to help your prep be easy and straightforward.  The recipes are quick and easy to follow and made with simple ingredients that you probably already own in your kitchen (with maybe a few new additions).
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